sfm radiofrequency /sfm thermolesion needle

sfm medical devices GmbH provides you with first-class radiofrequency / thermolesion needles that, without exception, aim directly at the needs of doctors and patients.




Application options

Beside HF-generators and appropriate thermoprobes, corresponding high-quality radiofrequency / thermolesion needles that complement these systems are needed to lead the application to optimal results.

The application options include:


Video of facet joint denervation


Facts & Variants

The following 3 facts and USPs speak for the use of sfm radiofrequency / thermolesion needles
during a minimally invasive pain therapy:


Penetration force
Low penetration force thanks to optimum bevel geometry and a smooth transition to the coated needle region


Pain sensation
Minimization of pain sensation and posttraumatic stress due to the smooth transition to the coated needle


Various designs
There are different designs available for different patient physiognomies

Success creates trust

The sales performance of our radiofrequency / thermolesion needle is based on experience, quality and trust:

  • Over 20 years experience in this field
  • Our cannula is used in conjunction with all common probes and generators
  • Cooperation with the main market participants
  • Permanent development of the cannula to improve the treatment results


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